Lines of work

The purposeful lines of research with which we start our activity are linked to:

       1. Family system. Typologies, intrafamily communication, attachment and individuation. Domestic violence.

       2. School system. Expression of emotional violence in the school context. Intersection spaces between the school and family systems.

       3. Adolescence, emotional expression, attachment and socialization referents. The new reality and the search for identity.

       4. Media, global information, social networks and emotional abuse.

It is essential to address the complexity of human relationships in different contexts. Therefore, our research should be aimed at identifying relationship contexts in which behaviors are modulated as forms of communication that can ultimately express emotional abuse. In this sense, the different lines of work should be aimed at designing forms of intervention that are adapted to the different contexts, in order to identify the care, educational, coercive, therapeutic or supervisory context that allow the coherence of the interventions depending on these contexts.