The Quirón & Higea Foundation

It is an Institution legally constituted in the terms of the spanish law, through the Constitutive Act number 123. 777 dated July 18, 2019, before Pablo Álvaro Revilla Serrano, Public Notary of the Illustrious College of Cantabria, Spain and registered in the Registry of Foundations of the Spanish Ministry of Justice on the day June 11 of 2020, with the number 2301.


The Quirón & Higea Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to care for victims of emotional abuse and / or mistreatment, prevention in risk groups and dissemination of values ​​that avoid said phenomenon


Quirón & Higea aims to be a reference organization in the field of research and application of innovative protocols that contribute to the understanding of the causes of the phenomenon of emotional abuse in all its aspects and to its prevention.


The values ​​that sustain the development of its activities are:

  • Commitment and solidarity, we try to improve people’s lives from a systemic and egalitarian approach, based on the defense of human values ​​that allow an improvement in the quality of life and individual development in a social context.
  • Respect for everyone’s
  • Empathy with the sufferingof victims of emotional abuse.
  • Innovation and creativityas the guiding principles of a people-centered action.
  • Quality and continuous improvementin processes and management at the service of excellence.
  • Transparency in all actions of the foundation regarding accessibility, communication, accountability, service and general interest.


Transparency is one of the essential values ​​of Quirón & Higea. The Foundation is committed to the accessibility of information, accountability, service and the general interest of all its actions.


  • Ana Sara Ferrer Bohorques

    Patroness and President of the QUIRÓN & HIGEA Foundation. Degree in Philosophy from the Universidad Iberoamericana de México, 1984, and Master in Publicity from the Centro de Comunicación “Eulalio Ferrer” (1998). Doctoral Studies in Communication and Strategic Thinking (CADEC, 2002) and Philosophy (CIDHEM, Morelos, 2008).

  • Elementor #772

    Patroness and Vice President of the QUIRÓN & HIGEA Foundation. Diploma in Schoolteaching, specialty in English Philology from the University of Cantabria, 1985, and Degree of Social and Cultural Anthropology from UNED, 2013.

  • Yolanda Pérez Novoa

    Patroness and Member of the QUIRÓN & HIGEA Foundation. Diploma in Schoolteaching, specialty in Human Sciences from the University of Cantabria, 1986 and Degree of Fine Arts from the Universidad del País Vasco, 1994. She is a professor and coordinator of the Department of Plastic Arts, Technical Drawing and Art History of the Educational Foundation […]